"Solid wood" and "veneer" are the most commonly seen words in the materials used for furniture. It's not that either is better, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

What is solid wood?

How to read: Muku (Mukuzai)

Solid wood means "no injuries" and "no injuries", and solid wood refers to the unprocessed wood itself.
Solid wood used for furniture refers to a board made by cutting and trimming natural logs.


・ Enjoy aging (in the case of oil painting)
・ Scratches also taste (in the case of oil painting)
・ Profound, textured and durable
・ Can be used for a long time


・ Cracks and warpage occur
・ If it is not a single plate, there is a seam
・ Needs maintenance (in the case of oil painting)
・ The price is relatively high
· Heavy

What is a veneer?

How to read: Tsukiita

A thin and thin log sliced to about 0.2 to 0.6 mm and pasted on the core material (MDF, laminated wood, veneer, etc.) makes a natural wood veneer decorative plywood.
Since it is possible to make even rare materials and high-class materials in a large area, it is often used for furniture that emphasizes design and requires beautiful wood grain, and is also often used for antique furniture overseas.


・ The grain of wood is beautiful and you can enjoy the texture of wood.
・ Enjoy the texture of a single plate
・ The price is relatively low
・ Lightweight and easy to handle when moving


・ There is a risk of peeling, and if scratched, the core material (base material) may be visible.
・ Not recommended for frequently used furniture

What is decorative plywood?

How to read: Keshogoban

Generally called "poly" or "poly board", it is made by laminating decorative paper and plywood, applying polyester resin, covering it with a film, stretching the resin with a roll, and curing it. Excellent cost performance. There is also a melamine veneer with strong surface strength.


・ Quality is constant and functional
・ There is little deviation
・ The price is low
· Light


・ Unlike natural wood, it is dull
・ Environmental load
・ Not suitable for furniture that may peel off and are easily damaged
・ Short life

What is laminated wood?

How to read: Shuseisai

Glulam is an easy-to-use wood with no variation in quality and strength because parts with different properties are cut and glued together. When the wood warps, the floor and walls move slightly according to the warp, and the floor may have gaps or the walls may crack. It's hard to crack.


・ Easy to handle due to stable quality
・ Less likely to crack or warp than solid wood


- Glulam is an aggregate of wood blocks (lamina), so it has a unique design like bricks. Recently, some customers dislike this design.


Marukita Furniture always has more than 28 types of wood samples available.
From the abundant variations, according to your request and budget,
We will propose the best wood and special processing method for you.
Thorough support that only a professional who knows all about wood can do.


"I can't repair the furniture I'm attached to, but I don't want to throw it away."
In such a case, leave it to Marukita's "Furniture Doctor".
Any furniture will be repaired by a furniture craftsman. Of course, we can also resize.
In addition, as a consignment repair company of a certain transportation company, Marukita also repairs furniture damaged during delivery. First of all, please contact us before buying a new one.

Please contact us

✔︎ Close the width of furniture and resize it

✔︎ Replacing the seating surface of the chair Replacing the seating surface of the chair

※Depends on urethane filling and upholstery

✔︎ Repainting

※Peel off the old paint, color it and spray urethane

✔︎ Repair of rattling such as chairs

✔︎ Re-covering the sofa





While checking the floor plan of the room, we will create a layout plan (free of charge) according to the customer's ideals and preferences and propose it.


Showroom tour


Once the layout is decided, you can actually check the real thing in the showroom.



We will make a quotation based on the plan you presented and have a meeting.




Once the plan and price are decided, you can place an order.
We thoroughly double-check each process such as output, processing, and packaging.




We will visit you for installation and construction at a date and time that is convenient for you.
Marukita staff will be present at the time of delivery.

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