We will pick up carefully selected furniture from Marukita Furniture

We are exhibiting carefully selected timber procured from the market, and we select recommended miscellaneous goods procured by the owner himself. Please feel free to drop in at the actual store.

Purchase selected raw wood and old wood from the timber market

At the timber market on a regular basis, we select raw wood and our professional staff purchases valuable old timber connoisseurs.

Total coordination of interior

Total coordination is essential to create a harmonious room. In order to realize the customer's commitment, the coordinator will work with more than 8 manufacturers to propose the most suitable furniture, curtains, rugs, etc.




Non-scaling material (1 board)

We are exhibiting a large number of single boards carefully selected by Marukita staff from many years of experience in various markets.
Feel the warmth and scent of the wood by actually touching it rather than seeing it in the photo.
We also accept various types of processing upon request. Please take a look at the one-piece board of a living thing.

Old wood (burnwood)

The wood that has been used for many years has a very nice look. By using wood used for windbreak snow fences used in the United States and old scaffolding boards used in Europe on the surface of furniture and wooden doors, it will be reborn as a wonderful product with a taste.
By reusing it without discarding it, we can contribute to the formation of a sustainable society.

Furniture / miscellaneous goods

The staff goes to exhibitions and shops around the world to display furniture and miscellaneous goods that they have purchased.
Please pick up and feel the furniture and miscellaneous goods exhibited at Marukita Furniture as a one-point accent to the wonderful interior.

Wood door

Marukita furniture craftsmen make handmade wooden doors.
Recently, many people like the warm wooden door because of the cold look of the sash.
Why don't you make one original wooden door in the world by devising a large door that is not available in the ready-made size and how to stretch the wood?

Interior element

Marukita Furniture also handles interior products such as curtains, jutans and blinds.
The staff measures the interior elements that are perfect for the atmosphere of the room. I will propose.
The interior coordinator will propose an interior space where everything is unified.

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